Everett Crowley Park

A beautiful hidden gem in Vancouver; with an abundance of greenery you forget you are in the city. It's comprised of several paths, so you can trek as short or long as you want.

  • 8200 Kerr St
  • Vancouver
    • 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Off-Leash Park
  • 37.06 acres
  • Dedicated free parking lot, street parking
  • No water fountain, there are sometimes water jugs/bowls throughout the park
  • Waste bins available
  • Swimming not permitted, keep dogs out of pond

Getting There

Click here for a Google Map with directions to the parking lot.

Getting to the park is simple once you get onto Kerr Street. If you’re coming from Marine Drive heading northbound on Kerr, the park will be on your right. If you’re coming from the south, it will be on your left but you can still park on the street then cross. There’s no obvious sign that marks it, but if you see a pedestrian crossing sign and a couple of donation bins you’ve found it:

The Park

There are several inner trails that are off-leash. Note that the outer red trails require leashing. The signage at the park isn't always clear, but you need to somewhat go out of your way to get to them. The off-leash trails are the broader, well-paved popular paths that most people stick to.

Dogs are prohibited from entering Avalon pond, which is at the north-east point of the park.

There are water jugs/bowls throughout the park that are refilled by kind volunteers. If you see any empty ones, you can help out by bringing them to the entrance of the park near the parking lot.

Conversely, sometimes there are full jugs left by the entrance and you can help out by carrying some to the drinking spots.

The park has plenty of green space for dogs to run around in. There is also an abundance of different plants and vegetation.


  • On rainy days the trails can get quite muddy. Bring a towel for drying the pooch off after. There is one huge mud puddle near the first fork after the parking lot. Some dogs have a field day in it; you've been warned!


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