South Dyke Trail

Affectionately known as Doggie Park, this spot is at the southmost part of Richmond. It has a great view of the Fraser River and is tucked away from the bustle of the city. There are many regulars that frequent the park giving it a great sense of community.

  • 13991 No. 3 Road
    Southern end of No. 3 Road at Dyke Road
  • Richmond
    • 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Off-Leash Park
  • 4.13 acres
  • Dedicated parking lot, lots of street parking
  • Swimming available but not recommended. Fraser River is accessible if you trek down some rocks.
  • Water fountain with dog bowl attached
  • Poop bags available
  • Bins available throughout park

Getting There

Click here for a Google Map with directions to the parking lot.

The park is tucked away at the Southmost end of Richmond. Once you get to Steveston Hwy, you can access the park by heading south on either Gilbert Rd or No 3 Rd. I prefer driving down on Gilbert Rd as it has less speed bumps.

If you're driving from Gilbert Rd, you'll turn left onto Dyke Rd. At the end of Dyke Rd you'll see the parking lot which is also the entrance of the park.

If you're driving from No 3 Rd, you'll drive to the end of the road and the parking lot will be on your right:

The park is right behind the main parking lot.

The Park

The park has two main paths to walk on. Bicyclists are allowed on the north path. As a result, most dog owners can be found on the south path (closest to the river). As you head east to the end of the paths, dogs need to be leashed. You will see signs when you've reached this point.

Some dogs venture down to swim in the Fraser River but it is quite tricky getting down to the water due to the large rocks that separate the park from the river.


  • This park is great for throwing the ball around as it's nice and open
  • The park has a great community with lots of regulars. Check out their Facebook group for photos


Aug 2, 2016
This is bad park. One time, I walked down the rocks and got stuck in the dyke. Moms got mad, and I got wet. Also dropped ball in between rocks.
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