David Gray Park

This spacious enclosure is a popular destination in Burnaby, making it a great safe play area for dogs.

  • 7480 Mckay Ave
  • Burnaby
  • Off-Leash Enclosure
  • 1.53 acres
  • Ample street parking on Mckay Ave.
  • Dog fountain available in warmer seasons
  • Waste bins available
  • No swimming available

Getting There

Street parking is relatively easy to find. Click here for a Google Map with directions to street parking on Mckay Ave, near the enclosure.

The enclosure as seen from Mckay Avenue.

The Park

This enclosure is quite popular so it is a good place to socialize Fido! The enclosures is completely fenced so it is a great, safe play area.

There are two entrances: one at the west side of the enclosure which is beside Mckay Avenue, and one on the east beside the tennis courts.


  • The fountain shuts off during the winter time.
  • The park can get muddy after periods of rain.
  • Many pet owners bring water jugs for the dog; there are multiple water bowls available to use.


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